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13 Excellent Adventures of 2015 – Year in Review – A Personal Post

This year. THIS YEAR!

What a beautiful year this has been! Weddings, Babies, Engagements, Family, OH MY!

Really though. Yes, I will post the BEAUTIFUL weddings I was invited to photograph this past year, but right now my focus in on the year that I have had with the most important people in my life. This year beautiful and strong women in my life created amazing little humans of their own. Best friends married the loves of their lives (and I got to be a guest!!). We celebrated 100 years that my Great Grandfather spent on this green planet. And most importantly, even though I am now half a country away from my family, I was able to spend more time with them than many others get to spend with their loved ones. For all of these things I am struck, struck by the great role that love and family play in my life, and the lives of people around me.

I am taking this moment to SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. If I can’t appreciate all of the beauty in this world, then I am afraid I may be swallowed by the misery that is slowly trying to consume it. This is me pushing back and saying “HEY!!! There is way to much BEAUTY and GOOD for things to continue to FALL APART.” In the words of John Lennon and Yoko Ono “All we are saying is give piece a chance.”

And here I give you a glimpse of why I have faith that love and peace will conquer all.


-Best Friends’ Weddings!-

For many of my AMAZING friends from high school, college, and beyond, this was the summer of love! Steve and I attended these weddings as guests, but of course I brought my gear along the capture the beauty of the places we visited! (Scroll over to see where each destination was, and who we went to celebrate!)

[Vic + Jason Wedding – Colorado Aventure]



 [Elyse + Rich Wedding – Vermont Adventure]

Untitled_0496PINIMAGE Untitled_0495PINIMAGE

[Ashely + Marc Wedding – Atlanta Adventure]

Untitled_0498PINIMAGE Untitled_0497PINIMAGE

[Evan + Kyle Wedding – Maryland Adventure]

-Mamas + Nuggets-

Some incredibly STRONG and BEAUTIFUL women in my life gave birth to baby boys this year! I am so lucky to have been able to be a party of the documentation of new life. Kara, Sara, and Laura, you inspire me more than you know (GIRL POWER)!

[Simpson Family + Baby Dylan, Brooklyn Adventure]

Untitled_0503PINIMAGE Untitled_0501PINIMAGE Untitled_0502PINIMAGE

[The Stiller Family – Milwaukee Adventure]

Stiller FamilyPINIMAGE Stiller FamilyPINIMAGE

[Konstantopoulos Family + Baby Michael – Brooklyn Adventure] 

Untitled_0519PINIMAGE Untitled_0518PINIMAGE


Oh gurl. My family accurately compares themselves to My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Armenien/French Edition) and they are not wrong. We love on each other hard, while arguing and laughing till we cry as often as possible. These are some amazing humans. Although I am in Milwaukee and they are in the Northeast, we make sure to get as much face time as possible.

[Gramps 100th Birthday – A Century of Adventures]

Untitled_0509PINIMAGE Untitled_0508PINIMAGE

[A Weekend in March – Strongly Encouraged Sibling Photo – NY]


[Easter – New York Adventure]

Untitled_0512PINIMAGE Untitled_0513PINIMAGE

[Fall Weekend – New Hampshire + Vermont Adventures]

Untitled_0510PINIMAGE Untitled_0511PINIMAGE

[Thanksgiving – New York Adventure]

Untitled_0507PINIMAGE Untitled_0506PINIMAGE

[Christmas 2015 – A Northeast Adventure]

Summer ChristmasPINIMAGE ChristmasPINIMAGE

Here’s to the love and joy created by spending time together, and enjoying all moments big or small, new life, celebration of 100 years of life, new families, old customs, and just being us.

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