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Baked With Love


As we are transitioning into late fall (and early winter!) this is a perfect time to start thinking about those important and delicious details!..

All my life my mom has made the most delicious birthday cake EVER for every birthday every year (and I come from a family of 6!) Needless to say she has perfected “The Cake.” Every holiday and birthday my extended family eagerly awaits the moment when cake time arrives – so, it was a no brainer that this should be our wedding cake.

YUM! Beautiful Block Island Back Yard Wedding CakePINIMAGE

YUM! Beautiful Block Island Back Yard Wedding Cake

This is a DIY my mom stakes a claim to. I have seen the wedding cakes she has made in the past, for my Aunts wedding most recently before mine.

What makes this cake amazing is the simplicity of it – a family recipe handed down through generations all the way from the city that claims love as its namesake – Paris.

Picture it – cake, a denser version of an angel food cake, with chocolate/coffee/almond butter cream frosting. Can you say Y-U-M!?



Now how did we make this little birthday cake on such a grand scale? Here are a few tips you should follow when you are trying to bring food to scale:

1. TRIALS! Know your usual recipe size, and figure out what you need to multiply that by to make enough!

–>we decided to make the actual bottom layer of the wedding cake for my shower, and see how many people that fed. From that we were able to calculate how many people each of the smaller layers of the cake would feed.

2. Inspiration! Having the recipe is one thing, getting the look you want is another. The above cake was going more for a New England Shore Town feel, while mine, below, was going for more of a raw and rustic look. I of course used our good friend pinterest to get ideas, as well as google image searches.

3. Model – if you want a specific detail a certain way, it’s not enough to just verbalize it! If someone is helping you, GIVE THEM A PICTURE or a drawing if possible. No matter what, your loved ones are not the people in your head and they are probably more stressed out about their responsibility turning out perfectly than you are :) — (I’m pretty sure this is something I didn’t do enough of)

Thank you Amy Rizzuto Photography for this beautiful photo! YUM!PINIMAGE

Thank you Amy Rizzuto Photography for this beautiful photo! YUM!

4. Setting – something that is easy to forget if you don’t usually cater, is how the food will be presented. We built our cake stand to perfectly fit our homemade cake with foam board and wooden dowels. But the details needed to be included to cover up any of that construction. A well placed fruit, ribbon, or pretty plate can make a HUGE difference!

5. Experience – the day is stressful enough! Make sure you all feel confident and have enough practice to make this perfect!

6. Recipe – now, I can’t imagine what the consequences would be if I gave you our family recipe, so I won’t (sorry if that is what you were waiting for!). But make sure that you love what you are eating! – Especially because as a bride/groom, you probably won’t have a ton of time to do so!

Have a delicious day! Please feel free to comment with further questions (re: specific cake building details etc!), and I would be happy to help!

Until next time,






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