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Steve travels a bunch for work. Yes, I enjoy alone time, yes, I get a TON done (sometimes its editing, sometimes it’s reorganizing every closet in our house), but after a few days solo, I’m looking for some time with my no. 1. Luckily, all of this traveling for work, leads to POINTS! Aka I got my buns on a plane to join Steve for a weekend of R+R in San Diego. Truth be told, I can’t be somewhere away from home and not explore, so off we went. Here are my 10 favorite parts of our weekend away in San Diego (NOTE – 36 hours, no car):

Breakfast at the Farmers Market

YAY! We had delightful coffee and explored the variety of delights at the market, from fresh picked local fruit, to sea urchins.

SanDiegoStomp_0004PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0005PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0006PINIMAGE

Balboa Park

Oh.My.Goodness. How does this much beauty/intrigue/art exist in one place? IN A CITY?

SanDiegoStomp_0021PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0022PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0023PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0020PINIMAGE


We rented these pink puppies, and it was some of the best money we spent! (Also, my ONA bag fit in the basket perfectly)



SO refreshing, when there is snow on the ground at home. We watch the excitement of the weekend, navy boats come and go, and were silly in the sand.


Bonsai Relaxation

The newly renovated Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park (yes MORE cool thangs in this park!)


Blown Glass

Haven formally been accepted to a Ph.D. in glassblowing program (it’s real), this was AWESOME! This incredible vase started as a clementine size glob.



Yes. There is grilled cheese on that Heirloom Bloody Mary. 

SanDiegoStomp_0007PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0002PINIMAGE

Boat Ride

These ferries leave pretty frequently to go to Coronado Island – a MUST!

SanDiegoStomp_0013PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0014PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0019PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0018PINIMAGE

Bridge Views

If you were to drive, this toll free bridge would take you to Coronado Island. The smaller bridge, made me behave like a 5 year old, it took everything not to try to sit on that dog.

SanDiegoStomp_0011PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0010PINIMAGE SanDiegoStomp_0012PINIMAGE

Barking Seals

I LOVE THE SEALS. We couldn’t make it up to Childrens Pool (sans car), where the rest of these guys hang out, but they came to bark for goodies at the fish market.


Until our next adventure…


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