Escort Cards - Planters


I adore gardening! Every time I move to a new city I try to find someway to have plants around me (can we get some fresh air in here?!). What better gift to give to my guests, then a plant of their own?

Once the decision was made, I had to decide - are we buying these things are or we DIY-ing?... DIY of course!

My aunt, mom, and sister have super green thumbs, so I immediately enlisted them! We decided on succulents for a few reasons:

1. They are awesome

2. They are hard to kill

3. They are easy to grown in multiples

We decided on using mother of millions, and last minute threw in some chicks and hens to make sure we had enough.

Mother of millions grow like weeds, quickly sprouting up more and more of their own, which was perfect for us!


Here is what we needed: (plants)

  • planting trays

  • seeds

  • water

  • sunlight

  • time!

  • gardening gloves (if you don't like dirt)

  • mini terra cotta pots


  • butcher paper

  • scissors

  • metallic pens

  • bamboo toothpicks

  • helper

We got to planting, from seeds (least expensive option) about 3 months prior to the wedding (check to see what your plant's growth time is). My friends at will help you with a detailed step by step planting here.

And then we had this (yes we were living in a jungle!):


Finally, we made the flags to go with our plants!

NOTE: have a system for keeping track! - we grouped our flags together by table, as they were completed, and did not put them in the plants until we actually got to the venue.


1. Choose shape of flag

2. Choose writing utensil

3. Have friends/family handy to create an assembly line

4. Cut flag shape, punch 2 pin holes along the side for the toothpick to go into

5. Write name of guest on flag BEFORE putting tooth pick in

6. Weave toothpick into flag

7. Yaaaay! Cute flags!


Final Product: