meet chels:

oh hey!

My focus is always photographing you in your most real state, loving every moment of your day. My goal is for you to look back on you day in photos, as a honest documentation of the love, joy, and emotions that took place. I think people are so incredible, and it is amazing to be able to translate the connection shared between each other through art. I love your love, no matter what that looks like.

I am a NY native, though transplanted now to Milwaukee, WI, where I live with my “business manager” husband, and our almost 2 year old, August. I have always been a down and up with the sun kind of sleeper, but have been known to boogie on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. When I am not stretching the limits of my ninja abilities photographing amazing people I am usually with my little fam. We cruise up the Lake Michigan Coast on our bikes, bask in sun beams, try our hand and some DIY, and play outside (also play sloth).

I love sharing about life as well as my work, so if you want to get into personal info, education, and see saaweet photos check out my Journal.

Into: Pizza, all seasons minus winter (unless it is actively snowing), exploring the city, community events, dogs dogs dogs, being outside, napping outside, beach days, hiking days, happy people, interesting people, through the roof joy, breakfast, green, music, thunderstorms, recycling, chocolate, creating art, chatting

Meh: winter rain, closed minds, waste, cotton balls, narrow shoes, air conditioning while I’m asleep, replacing the toilet paper